1. Understand parent’s role and kids’ role
    • Parent’s role is to control what type of food and when to offer it
    • Kids’ role is to decide what to eat and how much to eat
  2. Be a good role model
    • Do you think you are a good role model when it comes to healthy eating?
  3. Don’t reward with food
    • Offer hugs, praise and attention for good behaviour instead
  4. Offer sweets occasionally (make healthy sweet treats) and this is includes fruit juice
    • Check out my facebook and website for more tips and recipes
  5. Limit TV, video games and distractions during meal time
    • Make eating important to avoid mindless eating
  6. Don’t focus on 1 meal or 1 food, evaluate the overall eating habits of a week
  7. Make dinnertime a family time
    • Very important to make time for family meals as it set good example and healthy relationship with food
  8. Offer variety of food and don’t give up
    • If kids don’t like it, try it another way
    • Check out my facebook and website for more tips and recipes
  9. Ask kids to get more involved with grocery and preparing food
    • They get to learn about food and would more likely to eat it.
  10. Have a consistent meal schedule with set time frame for meal time vs snack time
    • Regular meal time schedule.  Don’t replace meal with snack choices.

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